14. Changelog

1.5.0 2015-05-31

  • [Support] #95: Switch to new Read the Docs Sphinx Theme
  • [Feature] #94: Add socialshareprivacy for social share buttons
  • [Support] #92: Use new pip bootstrap URL
  • [Support] #84: Use static template tag from staticfiles
  • [Support] #86: overriding __init__() and save() on BookmarkForm seems unnecessary
  • [Support] #102: Upgrade tutorial to Django 1.8
  • [Support] #45: Create screenshots using CasperJS
  • [Support] #8: Allow Disqus comments (Thanks Max Brauer)
  • [Support] #30: Add screenshots of application and admin

1.4.1 2014-03-17

  • [Bug] #89: Install instructions show still Django 1.5.4

1.4.0 2014-03-16

  • [Support] #63: Switch to setuptools (Thanks Florian Apolloner)
  • [Bug] #61: Update initializr.com template (Thanks Florian Apolloner)
  • [Support] #55: Add fixtures for testing and demonstration (Thanks Max Brauer)
  • [Support] #47: Explain what QuerySets are (Thanks Andreas Hug)
  • [Support] #46: Explain what Unicode strings are
  • [Bug] #49: Prepare for Python 3
  • [Support] #15: Add a note on virtualenv and –user to the installation section
  • [Bug] #79: Use full path under Windows for calling django-admin.py
  • [Support] #77: Describe what the body of the tagcloud does
  • [Support] #78: Describe what the request.GET attribute is used for
  • [Feature] #80: Add a Makefile target to run the Django test suite
  • [Feature] #82: Setup Tox (Thanks Andreas Hug)
  • [Feature] #81: Make the tutorial work with Python 3 (Thanks Andreas Hug)
  • [Support] #83: Upgraded to Creative Commons 4.0
  • [Support] #85: Removed BookmarkForm.__init__() to simplify code
  • [Support] #87: pip will install setuptools, if setuptools are not already installed (Thanks Andreas Hug)
  • [Support] #88: Pin Django version (Thanks Andreas Hug)

1.3.1 2013-10-11

  • [Bug] #72: German article to “View” should be feminine (Thanks Markus Holtermann)
  • [Bug] #73: Untranslated sentence in “Install Django” chapter
  • [Bug] #74: Missing German translation in “Weiterführende Informationen” (Thanks Markus Holtermann)
  • [Bug] #75: Several parts of the Spanish tutorial are not translated

1.3.0 2013-10-09

  • [Support]: Thanks to Ernesto Rico-Schmidt for taking the time to do the Spanish translation!
  • [Support]: Updated introduction
  • [Feature] #59: Using named urls for LOGIN_URL and LOGOUT_URL
  • [Support]: Explained translation workflow
  • [Feature]: Added Spanish translation
  • [Feature]: Added Librelist mailing list
  • [Support]: Redesigned landing page
  • [Feature] #56: Added an ERM for the models
  • [Feature] #51: Added languages to sidebar
  • [Support] #41: Explained the name “marcador”
  • [Support] #58: Added note explaining BASE_DIR should be at the top of settings.py
  • [Support] #35: Switched from wget to curl and explained manual download of bootstrap scripts
  • [Bug] #42: Revised instructions to edit settings.py
  • [Bug]: Translated all index words to English (until the index can be translated)
  • [Feature] #31: Added a “Useful Links” sidebar section
  • [Bug] #43: Explained which username is used with marcador_bookmark_user url
  • [Feature] #53: Capturing as much output as possible using sphinxcontrib-programoutput
  • [Feature] #39: Added a page with further information at the end
  • [Bug] #68: Typo on “URLs and Views”
  • [Bug] #70: Double “the” on “URLs and Views”

1.2.2 2013-06-15

  • [Bug] #50: Removed fuzzy markers in translation to enable already translated strings

1.2.1 2013-05-19

  • [Bug] #44: Fixed broken links in English version

1.2.0 2013-04-20

  • [Support]: Thanks to Andreas Hug, Dave Brotherstone, Dinu Gherman and Sean Hammond for making the English translation possible!
  • [Support]: Finished English translation

1.1.1 2013-03-17

  • [Bug]: Removed obsolete include tag arguments

1.1.0 2013-03-16

  • [Support]: Thanks to Andreas Hug for contributing to this release
  • [Bug]: Removed obsolete line from URLconf in admin site chapter
  • [Support]: Added link to issue tracker on front page
  • [Support]: Removed Class Based View
  • [Support] #1: Better explanation of Models, Admin, database, URLconf and Views
  • [Support]: Added bookmark_ prefix to view names
  • [Support] #9: Made Bookmark.tags optional
  • [Feature]: Improved CSS, show edit links only for owner, added link to create bookmarks
  • [Support]: Added note regarding HTML5 Boilerplate download
  • [Feature]: Added new block heading to simplify template inheritance
  • [Support]: Improved users bookmark list
  • [Support]: Block title is now just a suffix of the page title
  • [Bug]: Create/edit form uses appropriate title
  • [Support]: Using redirect() shortcut instead of HttpResponseRedirect
  • [Support]: Converted tags from labels to badges
  • [Feature]: Added badge for private bookmarks
  • [Support]: Improved frontend drop down menu
  • [Support] #6: Added explanation of ModelForm usage
  • [Support] #3: Added explanation of the template system
  • [Support]: Upgraded to Django 1.5
  • [Feature]: Added a “How to contribute” section
  • [Feature]: Added tasks to prepare, update, build and deploy translations
  • [Support]: Replaced STATIC_URL with static template tag
  • [Support]: Massive improvements of the URLs, Views, Templates and Forms pages
  • [Bug]: Install pip only using the bootstrap script as recommended
  • [Bug]: Explained how to gain root permissions for installation

1.0.0 2012-10-31

  • [Support]: Initial Release